Thursday, June 21, 2012


SHE's the one who dragged me into making this - something I didn't want to do nor had ever planned to do. I guess those things change when your friend bothers and bothers you to make a blog. You might be wondering who SHE is. Well, SHE is my friend and SHE is the only one I have. I guess I need to explain who I am.

I'm Jacy Marie, 17, senior at a small high school full of pricks. I'm the silent one, the observer, the loner. I can't wait to get out of this place, escape this small town and its small people who mean nothing to me. The only reason I stay here is for HER but we'll get to HER later - SHE'll get pissed if I don't have a post saying what I like and dislike.

I hate blogs with a passion, even if that is hypocritical of me to say since I now have one. I don't see the point in reading about someone's life, who cares? But when you have someone nagging at you like a parent nagging at a young child to clean their room, you eventual give in and do whatever the hell their asking of you. So, seeing as how I hate these things, don't expect me to be posting daily or whatever. The only reason I'll post stuff is because SHE'll be nagging at me again if I don't.

On to what I like, I would assume. I like exploring places, really old places like houses and forests and stuff. You never know what you'll find and it's always fun, especially old homes - just ignore the dust and the possibility of falling through the floor. I also like photography even though I don't have a camera. Have to use an iPod for all my photos, which actually annoys me a WHOLE DAMN LOT! I would rather use an older camera for my photos, better quality then the ones on iPods and phones. Really, I don't care about technology that much, cool we have it, moving on to the next point, lets not get carried away.

Now, you might be reading all this and you be getting frustrated, going "Who is SHE?! TELL ME!" and really that only tempts me to not tell you but since it would make things confusing in the future, I'll tell you, calm down. SHE is Grace, the only person I can stand in this town though I don't know how she can stand me, poor girl. Always tells me I'm a lot to handle, which I guess is true. Don't expect me to use HER name much in this blog seeing as how I want to annoy her by not using her name. I'll just put SHE and HER and you should know who I'm talking about. If not, well, that tells me you aren't really following me well, doesn't it?

Already I'm sick of this thing and I've only posted one thing. Shows my hatred for blogs, huh? Not many interesting or fun events happen in this small town, so don't expect really exciting posts about... I don't know, amusement parks or concerts or something along those lines. The things I do post will probably be about people around here or something like that, maybe I'll post some photography of mine, guess it depends on my mood and if I actually keep this thing up. Whatever, I'm finished, it's late and I'm tired.